Talent Management

We have a comprehensive database of influencers, streamers and personalities that have an affiliation to esports, gaming, technology and lifestyle elements.

Tournaments & Sponsorships

Through our trusted relationships – our partners are able to create custom tournaments and events both online or at external events across multiple platforms (PC or Console) using different genre of games for our brands.

Media Buys

Making use of our publishers’ websites and platforms, we can now propose strategic media buys to create awareness, engagement and impact to reach targeted audiences.


The Esports Central Podcast is the only esports Podcast in South Africa delivering gaming, tech and lifestyle content to the gaming community and loyal following.

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What is Gaming?

Gaming is a term used to describe the use of video games as entertainment. While we still use the term “gaming” or “gamer” the act of gaming has grown in to a sport of skill, smarts and quick reactions.

The gaming era is ushering in massive events both online and in stadiums around the world with prizes reaching in to the millions. The popularity is quickly turning the affectionately termed “gaming” in to a sport. We refer to competitive gaming now as esports.

These gaming professionals offer up unique entertainment by streaming their own view online while they dominate the playing field or by using their flare for commentating on tournaments and hosting events.

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